General piercing info & pricings

Our studio is the only one in Charlotte and its vicinity to fully use Internally Threaded/ Threadless jewelries and offer certified implant grade Titanium ASTM F-136 for all piercings (initially and healed). Please be aware of inexpensive jewelries that are mass-produced overseas and made of inferior materials. They are not bio-comparable to be used in the human body and potentially release toxic chemicals into your body in the long run. 


As of February 2015, our piercer Tee Miller has officially become a member of APP – Association of Professional Piercers, the only one within 100 miles radius and one of the four shops in NC. This is a nonprofit, international health and safety organization for body piercers. We worked hard to meet the standards held by APP, and finally met our goal thanks to the unrelenting support of you, our wonderful clients. You will feel good to know that a lot of your hard-earned money spent at Krazy Kats are being used to make our shop a better, safer environment for all of your body art needs.

All our jewelries come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects + mill certificates upon request. All jewelries are hand polished to a mirror finish in order to offer the smoothest surface possible. The faceted gems used in our jewelry are the highest quality synthetic gemstones available. We do not sell substandard jewelry with foil-backed crystals as they contain lead and the glued gems often fall out. We do not pierce with any low grade body jewelry.

We only pierce with disposable and sterile Nitrile gloves for our clients’ safety.

Why we love implant grade Titanium ASTM F-136? Because it is completely Nickel-free, twice as durable and half as heavy compared to implant grade Stainless Steel ASTM F-138. The implant titanium that we use is the same material that is used in a lot of medical procedures. Many surgical types of metal plates, pins, screws, etc. are made of implant grade Titanium. Not only is Titanium very safe for your body, it is also very light weight, and it’s what is referred to as a reactive metal. Reactive metals can go through a process called anodizing. That is when we manipulate the Titanium Oxide electrolytically and put a refraction of color on the surface of the jewelry. When titanium comes in contact with oxygen, it forms a layer of Titanium Oxide around the surface of the jewelry. Anodizing is a process that uses electricity to manipulate the thickness of the Oxide layer. That layer then refracts different colors onto the jewelry depending on how much electricity was passed through it. We provide this anodizing service in-house (except Black and Red)  Let’s see what awesome color combinations we can come up with!

Piercing age is per our shop policy. Please see PRICES below or call us at (704)537-3217. This is a piercing gun - free establishment

No appointment is necessary. Customers are served on a first come first served basis. If you prefer a specific appointment time, just give us a call. We will gladly accommodate your schedule.

Some piercings are anatomy dependent and might require consultations for successful healing. You can certainly do the consultation and receive the piercing immediately after.

Piercings generally take longer to heal compared to tattoos. We care about you and want your piercings to be healed well, beautifully and uneventfully so we recommend you to have a follow up after 15-30 days.

-All piercees must have proper identification (i.e. state-issued IDs). Minor (under 18 years old) is to be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian with proper identification (i.e. state-issued IDs, minor’s birth certificate, minor’s school ID, etc.)

Suggested General Piercing Aftercare

-Aftercare product (0.9% sodium chloride/Isotonic saline without any preservatives and/or additives):

—–Pre-mixed saline solution (177 ml/6 oz) : $10/bottle.

-All our initial jewelries are: APPLogo_Member_Large

  • Implant grade stainless steel ASTM F-138
  • Implant grade Titanium ASTM F-136
  • 14k-18k Solid gold


PRICES (Procedure fee NOT including the aftercare product  +  jewelries of your choosing)

Multiple piercings in one sitting will receive $10 off the procedure fee, unless noted below: assortment

  • Lobes (Age 6+) __$25/$40 both + jewelries starting at $15+
  • Helix/Ear Rim (Age 14+) ___$30 + jewelries starting at $15+
  • Daith (Age 15+) ___$30 + jewelries starting at $20+
  • Tragus (Age 15+) ___$30 + jewelries starting at $30+
  • Lip/labret (Age 15+) ___$30 + jewelries starting at $15+
  • Nostril (Age 15+) ___$30 + jewelries starting at $15+
  • Rook (Age 15+) ___$30 + jewelries starting at $30+
  • Conch (Age 15+) ___$30 + jewelries starting at $30+
  • Philtrum/Upper center lip (Age 15+) ___$30 + jewelries starting at $30+
  • Monroe/Upper side lip (Age 15+) ___$30 + jewelries starting at $30+
  • Dahlia/Corner lip (Age 15+) ___$30/$50 both + jewelries starting at $30+ (Require consultation)
  • Eyebrow (Age 15+) ___$30 + jewelries starting at $30+ (Require consultation)
  • Navel (Age 15+) ___$30 + jewelries starting at $30+ (Require consultation)
  • Septum (Age 15+) ___ $30 +jewelries starting at $30+ (Require consultation)
  • Tongue (Age 15+) ___$30 +jewelries starting at $30+ (Require consultation)
  • Bridge (Age 15+) ___$30 + jewelries starting at $30+ (Require consultation)
  • Nipple (Age 18+) ___ $35/60 both + jewelries starting at $30+ (Require consultation)
  • Surface Anchor (Age 18+) ___$30/50 both + jewelries starting at $35+ (Require consultation)
  • Surface Piercing (Age 18+) ___$40/60 both + jewelries starting at $35+ (Require consultation)
  • Industrial (Age 16+) ___ $40 + jewelries starting at $30+ (Require consultation)
  • Cheek (Age 18+) ___$40/$60 both + jewelries starting at $30+ (Require consultation)
  • Female Genital only (Age 18+) ___$70 and up + jewelries starting at $30+ (Require consultation – Aftercare product provided)

If you have other piercing projects that are not covered here, please contact Tee for consultation, prices, and custom orders.

If you would like to order custom jewelries, there will be no extra charges but expect between 6-12 weeks for delivery and 50% down payment is required.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

We will not pierce anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Birthday discount (please mention this for discount)

-20% off your total up to 3 piercings (excluding applicable tax). Applicable within 3 days of your birthday with your birthday being in the middle. For example: if your birthday falls on Sunday, you can get the birthday discount on either Saturday or Monday. Require state-issued ID for validation.

-If you only want to purchase jewelry, you’ll get 20% off our stock jewelries (Custom order jewelries are not included in this offer.)

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